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We provide various training courses

Technical education and the improved performance of technicians requires a process of formal and structured education. Through IESAWs programs new competencies will be acquired by the trainees and existing abilities and expertise will be enhanced. The levels of skill, knowledge, and competence of students after they graduate and work in oil industries as technicians is directly associated with the quality of their educational development program.


IESAW offers education and training in a large number of areas in the banking industry. We have initially concentrated on the following as being possibly relevant to this project (but the menu of programs can be easily amended):

Business Communication Skills :

  • Business English: speaking, listening, reading, summarizing, and writing
  • Technical banking and financial English
  • Effective telephone, skype, and email communication
  • Writing an effective proposal
  • Written and oral presentation skills
  • Conducting a meeting

Professional and Management Training :

  • Leadership and project management
  • Developing a client-focused organization
  • Management of innovation, technology and change
  • Contemporary issues in managing global finance and banking
  • Self-generated continuous professional development
  • Strategic management
  • Maximising corporate human and financial resources