Accredited Partners


IESAW has partners across the globe. IESAW's partners are reputable Universities and Education establishments with world class ranking. From Universities to English Language schools, its prospective students can choose from wide variety of Institutions.

IESAW has partners across the globe. From the UK to the USA and also in the Australian region. With the wide variety of institutions to choose from, IESAW stands ahead in providing the right choice for the students. IESAW recognises that students come from all walks of life and have different priorities when it comes to selection of an institution in which they would like to pursue their education. IESAW provides the right platform for such students in being able to select an appropriate institution.


IESAW guides its applicant in selection of an institution. It helps them to explore a wide range of opportunities in various countries. It also helps them throughout the process from thinking about higher education in western universities/institutions, through to obtaining an offer of admission till their enrolment in such an institution. Its with the student in every step in achieving their dream to study abroad.