Delivering various training courses


Technical education and the improved performance of technicians requires a process of formal and structured education. Through IESAWs programs new competencies will be acquired by the trainees and existing abilities and expertise will be enhanced. The levels of skill, knowledge, and competence of students after they graduate and work in oil industries as technicians is directly associated with the quality of their educational development program.

IESAW was created with the sole purpose of providing industries (such as the Banking, Oil and Gas and Other Commercial Sectors) in The Middle East and North Africa with the most advanced and comprehensive soft skills and technical education and training programs available in the world. Such programs can be provided through the IESAW network of education and training partners especially in the UK, but also in Europe, Australia, USA and Canada.


IESAW provide access to the latest Technological Equipment, hardware and software, together with high-quality training in those essential skills which will enable its clients to perform at the highest levels in their respective industries. Successful partnerships between educational institutions and industries are essential for modernization and are critical for banking staff, enabling them to acquire the skills and knowledge which will inevitably contribute to an improvement in the efficiency and services locally and globally.



IESAW offers tailored training programs and services via our partners in the UK and Europe, Canada and USA, who provide programs in which western technology, business, finance, accounting, banking, communications and management practice and theory relevant to the international banking sector are brought together to give our clients a competitive edge in the global arena. Training and education provided through IESAW�s educational partners will supply, and support, a skilled and knowledgeable workforce for the clients and provide the necessary updating of knowledge and skills required by existing employees. Through comprehensive training and education, your employees will be armed with the expertise, proficiency and competence to effectively manage the growing developments in banking technologies, banking strategy and customer services.